Towards a definition of "YA"

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Tue Feb 24 10:54:37 EST 2004

Melissa and deborah:

>|The category name is unfortunate.  The category
>|is not.

>What an excellent point.  The name is descriptive of a` type of fiction
>in exactly the same way that "romance" is descriptive of a type of
>fiction.  It's just a genre name like any other, which unfortunately
>creates an illusion of readership.  Which explains my strange tension
>about how it is a descriptive name which has nothing to do with actual
>young adults -- the name describes a genre, not a set of readership.
>Oh, perfect.

Now all that is needed is a name for the genre that doesn't mislead anyone
not an expert -- because there is no way that "Young Adult" won't be used
as a category (like "children's books" and "classics" and "modern fiction")
rather than a genre by at least some bookshops, libraries and the reviewers
in the newspapers, now, I don't think.

How about "Growth Fiction"?  Or "Youth Fiction"?  To go with Science
Fiction and Historical Fiction and Romantic Fiction and all the rest of the
genres?  Some word that isn't so firmly linked to an age of person, and
more to a type of work?

Something that is obviously informational about type of book rather than
even possibly instructional about potential readership, anyhow.


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