The Potterverse (was; DWJ in Israeli newspaper)

Abe Gross argross at
Tue Feb 24 03:05:51 EST 2004

February 22, 2004, at 11:25 AM, Robyn Starkey wrote:
> > Ignoring this fits with the ignoring of all non-magical subjects at
> > Hogwarts.
> > No one there learns grammar or biology or mathematics in mundane
> > classes. It particularly amuses me that they write all those feet of
> > essays
> > on parchment, and no one apparently has ever taught them how to write
> > an essay, or a paragraph.

Otter added:

<<Or how to write with a quill pen, for that matter, which is no mean

I used to wonder why they never studied non-magical subjects also, until
someone pointed out to me that Hogwarts is only during the summer, and they
go to regular schools during the school year.

But I also think it's funny the way they have both the use of magic and
modern technology (no-one uses computers) and yet they write reams and reams
with those quill pens!


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