a defense, of sorts, of HP

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 23 14:20:56 EST 2004

>But none of this is ever addressed - it all slips past in throwaway
>sentences, subordinated to the plot (the birthday present thing is just a
>setup for her to have a cat, later necessary to the Great Harry Plot) or
>to jokes. That's what I mean about a cover-up: not that it's not plausible
>or normal for Hermione to absent herself from her family, but that the
>emotional dimensions of it are persistently ignored.

Oh, I get that; Rowling doesn't want to deal with complicated emotions of 
her characters. She's quite upfront, I think, in using Harry and Ron as 
stereotypical boys so that they can be emotional idiots in book 5. This 
saves her having to deal with it in anything but the most pathetic and 
simplistic ways (Hermione's dismissing of Ron as being as emotionally 
complex as a spoon, or whatever it was.)

In a way, though, I think it's quite realistic that Hermione ignores her 
family, as they do her. However, I am not convinced that Rowling constructs 
this *on purpose*. I suspect it is a side-effect.

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