Plymouth Brethren

mecha godscylla mechagodscylla at
Mon Feb 23 14:13:50 EST 2004

> >Sallyo:
> >> Come to think on it - I don't recall ever seeing a P.B. Man. How would 
> >> know if I did? The women are categorised by longish and (usually) denim
> >> skirts, sensible shoes, modest shirts and a head scarf over (usually)
> >> free-flowing hair and no make up.

Hmm, I can't help recalling something.  I went skiing in Pennsylvania last 
year and saw a church group there with about 6 teen age girls dressed in 
this way.  What I am recalling is how very difficult it is to get up again 
after falling while wearing a voluminous long skirt and skis....  I was 
confused because usually one sees Mennonites in Pennsylvania (but they dress 
differently than this group) and I couldn't figure out what sect the church 
group might be.  Perhaps they were Brethren.   But then, I was friends in 
college with a Brethren woman and she didn't follow the above dress code at 
all.  Perhaps it was a wholly different group also called Brethren?  Back 
into the mists of confusion....


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