Translating "witch"

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Mon Feb 23 14:03:33 EST 2004

Otter wrote:

>On Sunday, February 22, 2004, at 03:57 PM, minnow at wrote:
>> Yes, I'd be interested in looking at the places where "witch" occurs
>> in the
>> King James (well, all right, both the places: Ex 22.18 and Deut 18,10)
>The New Oxford Annotated Bible doesn't use 'witch' in either of these
>places, although they use 'wizard' in Deut.

Meep.  Meep meep meep-meep, meep, meep; PEEM!!!

[a] what does it say instead, in Ex 22,18?
[b] which bit of Deut? 18,10, or somewhere else?
[c] if Gili says the Hebrew word at Ex 22.18 means "witch" in Hebrew, does
your brain now hurt too?

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>    when you're in one, stop digging.
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Even sideways?


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