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>> Come to think on it - I don't recall ever seeing a P.B. Man. How would I
>> know if I did? The women are categorised by longish and (usually) denim
>> skirts, sensible shoes, modest shirts and a head scarf over (usually)
>> free-flowing hair and no make up.
>So *that's* who those people are! There are quite a few around Bristol (as
>of almost any other sect you like to mention - Wesley came here in the early
>days of Methodism and gave the populace a taste for splintering off from
>splinter groups). I guessed it was something religious, but didn't like to
>go up and ask. From what I remember, the boys and men have no distinguishing

As I understood it from our milkman a few years back, who had no
distinguishing features but disliked our *other* milkman, who was a
Jehovah's Witness (as opposed to our *previous* milkman, who had a
doctorate in Philosophy and had become fed up with the groves of Academe),
they prefer not to be called "Plymouth" Brethren partly because it was
never what they really were according to themselves, they were the
"Exclusive" Brethren but happened to have been popular in Plymouth and
published a lot of tracts there, and also because that has now got negative
connotations and anyhow they have got several splinter groups, so they are
one of several names, such as "Open Brethren" and "Select Brethren" and
"Christian Brethren" and simply "Brethren".

I hope this has confused the issue a bit?


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