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Irina Rempt irina at
Mon Feb 23 11:36:40 EST 2004

On Monday 23 February 2004 16:04, Otter Perry wrote:

> One of my cousins became a JW and
> it drove his mother and my mother _nuts_ that they
> couldn't give his daughter gifts for Christmas.  I
> believe they were reduced to only giving birthday
> presents.

They were very lenient JWs, then. We had neighbours who were, and they 
had lots of parties, but they couldn't have a party for any *reason*, 
only ever because they felt like it. Celebrating anything in particular 
was right out. Their kids weren't even allowed to come and have a piece 
of cake on our kids' birthdays (though it was all right for us to feed 
them cake otherwise).


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