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Mon Feb 23 10:13:58 EST 2004

> It makes much more sense to study magic at the university level,
> as in _Year of the Griffin_, which I reread yesterday.  And what a
> pleasure it was, after all that Potter!

Someone pointed out, some time ago, that comparing DWJ and JKR was like
comparing Antonia Forest and Enid Blyton. If anyone else has read "The
Marlows and the Traitor", you'll know what I;m getting at when I point out
that AF looks to emotional consequences while EB doesn't. They are very
different writers. I haven't read much EB (my mother disapproved of it when
I was young enough to want to), but the fact that I still recall some of the
characters in the one school story I *did* read must mean she wasn't bad at
drawing big picture characters. There were two trick-players who were
different in character, a cheat, a fiery gypsy girl, an American, and two
sporty twins. No doubt there were huge plot holes and not much lasting
consequence (though I do recall one of the trick-players Feeling Bad) but
she had storytelling gift and probably appealed to more people than the
immeasurably superior (in my opinion) AF. Thus I think the parallels between
AF/EB and DWJ/JKR hold up pretty well.

Consequences is something writers need as well as characters, I think. If
you invent a whole magic system/world/society, then you need to consider the
consequences of each bit of invention. But that's probably an analytical
opinion. 90% of readers probably couldn't care a bit.


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