Translating "witch"

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Mon Feb 23 08:37:27 EST 2004

>> Was it definitely Jerome's Vulgate, not the later version?
>All I can tell you for sure is that it claimed to be Jerome's - I got it off
>the LDS Book of Abraham Project website, which has collected all kinds of
>early church documents.

Then I shall assume it was the original and not a later amendment.

>Well, it's all very confusing, to be sure. I'd only say that from the
>company it's keeping in the Deuteronomy quotation, it seems to mean
>something more specifically supernatural than either poisoner or general

That does seem to be likely, but with the early parts of the bible one can
never be certain: looking at Exodus 22,18 and then the verses before and
after, it's all on its own there with child-molestation one side and
bestiality the other.  One might suppose it to mean something sexual, from
the context, see Ika's "adding sex to the mix" comment.

Ah well.  It was a fine divagation, but I suspect it's now over because it
won't go any further. (small wistful sigh)  My thanks to Gili and Ika and
Charlie and all for joining in the fruitless pursuit of abstruse and
probably useless information!


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