Translating "witch"

Ika blake at
Mon Feb 23 07:29:02 EST 2004

Charlie wrote:

> Isn't there a witch in the opening scenes of Apuleius's *Golden Ass*?


> He's
> writing only a couple of hundred years before Jerome - I wonder what word
> he
> uses?

My Latin is pretty rusty, but I skimmed through the first bit and got this

"quid mulieris est?"

"Saga" inquit "et divina..."

"What sort of woman is she?" "A soothsayer [saga] and a prophetess."
(Lewis & Short has for "saga": "a female diviner, a wise woman,
fortune-teller, soothsayer"; and, also, "a bawd, procuress" - just to
bring sex into the mix as well as poisoining!)

A quick search reveals no instances of malefica/us or of venefica/us in
the first book.

If you want to have a look, it's here:

Love, Ika

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