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Ika blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Mon Feb 23 05:16:38 EST 2004


>>"Um? Did no-one else
>>*notice* that Hermione has just spent the first night at her parents'
>>house in over a year, and then immediately left, refusing to go on
>> holiday
>>with them at Christmas?
> Not to be a JKR apologist, but I had a sister whose behaviour would make
> that look normal. I mean, she came home occasionally to sleep because she
> wasn't at boarding school, but effectively she was absent from the family
> for a couple of years at about that age. She got over it, eventually.

Oh, it's completely normal - especially in Hermione's case. If you look at
the books, her parents have pretty much given up on being able to
communicate with her: by the time she's twelve they're giving her a tenner
and sending her off to buy her own birthday present a month early,
presumably because they have no idea what she'd like any more. Which isn't
surprising given that she spends all her time in an environment which is
at worst actively (sometimes genocidally) hostile towards the culture in
which she was raised, at best patronizingly ignorant of it ("What's a
fellytone?" demands Mr Weasley, despite [a] working in the Dept. of Muggle
Artefacts and [b] being a wizard and thus using a lot of words with Latin
and Greek roots).

But none of this is ever addressed - it all slips past in throwaway
sentences, subordinated to the plot (the birthday present thing is just a
setup for her to have a cat, later necessary to the Great Harry Plot) or
to jokes. That's what I mean about a cover-up: not that it's not plausible
or normal for Hermione to absent herself from her family, but that the
emotional dimensions of it are persistently ignored.

Sorry. Am writing a Hermione story atm and thus slightly obsessive about
the subject.

Love, Ika

"There are some bad people on the rise" - Moz
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