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Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Sun Feb 22 19:15:05 EST 2004

> I hate to keep bringing Terry Pratchett* up, but magic on the Discworld
> has those properties.  Creating the illusion of a loaf of bread isn't
> hard, but actually creating a loaf of bread is so difficult that baking
> it is far easier.  And magic tends to attract the attention of the
> creatures
> of the Dungeon Dimensions.

Well there you are then. The only Pratchetts I've read are "Good Omens",
"Johnny and the Bomb" and the short story "Turntables of the Night", none of
which to my recollection deal with this kind of "magic rule" stuff.  That
system works for me though, and I'm pleased to think it works for TP.


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