The Little Mermaid (was Re: far too many thoughts etc)

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Sun Feb 22 16:19:33 EST 2004

>On Saturday, February 21, 2004, at 04:43 PM, minnow at wrote:
>> This refers I assume to the Disney film rather than to the Hans
>> Anderson
>> story?  I haven't seen the film, I have read the story, I don't see
>> how the
>> story undermines feminism when the female characters in it are strong
>> go-getters and the male is (ahem) a lay-figure, so I'll assume the
>> film is
>> a Disney standard take on a tale.
>I haven't read this in a while, but I seem to remember said mermaid
>on knife blades all the time she had legs.  It's hard to imagine someone
>worth that.

She did.  That was the price she paid, that and being dumb because she had
paid for the potion that gave her legs with her tongue, which was what the
witch demanded.  Nobody's wimp, that girl.  Silly and love-struck and
unimaginative and idiot-romantic maybe, but no wimp.

>The Disney film was unbelievably awful.

If it missed out the fact that she suffered for every moment she spent on
land, it comprehensively missed one of the main points of the original; but
then, that was what I would have expected.  The story is a tragedy, so I
never supposed for an instant that Disney could make anything but a
travesty of it.

Let me guess: in the film, she got the Prince in the end?  Or at the very
least went home?


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