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> There are texts in the bible about almost anything, and if we choose
> to emphasise them they are there ready for use: Paul for instance is
> widely quoted at the moment as condemning homosexuality, but almost
> never quoted as forbidding women to speak in church (except when
> there is a row about women priests going on), and I have *never*
> heard him quoted as forbidding people to plait their hair, which he
> also did. (1 Peter 3,3, if anyone is interested: it's thrown in as
> adornment along with jewels and fine clothes, but I can see how some
> sect could use it as "women with their hair in braids are unGodly!",
> or it could be used to condemn Rastafarians if someone felt that way

There is indeed a Protestant sect which forbids women to plait their 
hair; I think it's "The Brethren" but their site is down at the moment 
so I can't confirm that. I came across it when I was researching 
head-covering. I really want to wear a headscarf in church, but I d
don't do it because it makes people think I want to imitate the 

(A friend of mine said that you can tell whether a Russian woman in the 
West wants to stay and integrate, or hopes to go back: if she wears a 
headscarf in church she wants to be Russian, if she doesn't she wants 
to be Western. I think he's right, but only for the Russians; what 
Dutch women do is quite another thing)


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