Attitudes to witches (was Re: The Potterverse)

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Sun Feb 22 15:01:05 EST 2004

--- minnow wrote:

an awful lot about witches in amazing detail,
confirming what I recalled (to my great relief).

Yes, the modern idea of mass medieval witch burnings 
sponsored by the church is largely false (I blame
neo-pagans myself - although that is a bit unfair -
Margaret Murray perhaps). Monty Python in the Holy
Grail was closer to the truth in making it a popular
peasant belief, which it always was, continuing from
pre-Christian times.* 
I like Terry Pratchett's suggestion that it wasn't
witches being burnt but witches doing the burning.


* It was great to hear in the commentary on the Two
Towers DVD how hard Jackson found it to do peasants
after MP&THG

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