The Potterverse

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Sun Feb 22 13:17:40 EST 2004

 >This assumes they can read.
>|Maybe it could be read to them.  Slowly.  With careful explanation of all
>|the really hard words.
>I just had this great idea of reading it to them and occasionally
>slipping into the original:
>   THEN þay schewed hym þe schelde, þat was of schyr goulez
>   Wyth þe pentangel depaynt of pure golde hwez.
>   (yay the internet)
>And then, when they look confused and ask what language you're reading,
>look at them perplexedly and say "English, of course.  Why?"

Heh. Given that I have been told that my accent in modern English makes me 
"harder to understand than a French person"; listeners might not notice the 
change to the original.


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