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Lizzie wrote:

>... can Santa be secularized?

"Santa" is impossible for me to feel as religious.  He has frod all to do
with the saint who pulled chopped-up children out of a barrel of salt and
miraculously restored them to life.  As soon as he has been dressed up in a
red robe with white furry edges he is impossible *not* to secularize, as
far as I am concerned.  And wasn't that almost an advertising campaign in
its origins, the costume and the HoHoHo business?

>to bring this sort of on topic, I was thinking about religion in DWJ, and the
>thing that comes to mind is when Millie assures Christoper that "Asheth is
>real."  And certainly Asheth exists in a much more practical way than does any
>other god in DWJ that I can think of. . . and it's just occured to me how
>interesting it is that the witch burnings in Witch Week aren't at all (iirc)
>religiously motivated.

there are a couple of gods in *Eight Days of Luke*, as I recall.  And at
least one in the Dalemark books.  These do a certain amount of practical

The Hunt in both *Dogsbody* and *Merlin Conspiracy* has a God hunting it,
or maybe he's just a goddity or godling.


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