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lizzie said:
> I was thinking about religion in DWJ, and
> the
> thing that comes to mind is when Millie assures Christoper that "Asheth is
> real."  And certainly Asheth exists in a much more practical way than does
> any
> other god in DWJ that I can think of. . .

There's Anscher in _Derkholm_, who actually seems to be driving some of
the plot in a way that's very unusual for DWJ, where events are usually
the consequence of human actions. Or <remembers Dogsbody, etc> not
specifically *human* actions, but... Even Morrigan in TotG sort of acts on
the same narrative *level* as the other characters. She's more powerful,
and she feels/thinks/acts differently (due to being a god), but her
desires and actions hinder or cause things in much the same way as the
human characters'. Anscher, by contrast, works in a hidden way to bring
about the events through which the main characters in _Derkholm_ learn
their lessons - he's sort of equated with a Purpose In The Universe in a
way that I can't think of any other DWJ god being. (The blue demon works
more like Morrigan.)

Love, Ika

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