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Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Sat Feb 21 22:12:39 EST 2004

> roof over the Quidditch pitch. The thing I really
> want to know is where does Harry go to the
> opticians? I can't see the Dursleys bothering to
> take him, even on those occasions he's allowed
> out of his room but there's little sign he gets
> his glasses in the magical world.

Why does he need them at all? Why not transform his own eye lenses and fix
his eyes? Is tat ever explained?

The ONLY ways magic makes sense to me is if (a) the cost is too high for
flinging it about - if it exhausts you to create a floating cart, you'd be
better to get merely tired carrying your grocery bags by hand - (b) if magic
use creates a disturbance that brings unwelcome attention on your head (i.e.
you need a priest hole to perform it) or (c) if magic is largely illusion
and so has little or no substance. In my "Knight" books Becca is enormously
powerful, but her magic is all illusion. If she created a floating cart the
groceries would fall right through. Illusion is useful though - if you use
it to convince a passing dragon that you are hidden in a non-existing

There have to be checks and balances, otherwise it all comes down to "why
not fix Everything by magic?"


'Enough, thou garrulous garnish!' - Becca of Braveria.

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