a defense, of sorts, of HP

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Sat Feb 21 22:00:58 EST 2004

> On the other hand, some of you will remember what a hell of a time I have
> had teaching DWJ books!  Something just seems to make them difficult for
> me to interact with students over.

Popularity and quality don't always go together (the R.L. Stine books I read
had Holes). but - and it's a Big But(t) (sorry) - does this mean that
plotting skill is totally unimportant to the majority of readers? I
sometimes read nearly plotless books because I'm beguiled by the authors'
styles, and sometimes I read books I know have pace problems because -
ditto - but as a writer I value plot coherence (sp?) enormously and will do
my utmost to make plots hang together properly.

"Would He Really?" is my watchword, and "Why Didn't He Just..." my bane.

So - is Plot imPortant?

To me, Style comes first, then Character + Plot at deadheat 2nd.


'Enough, thou garrulous garnish!' - Becca of Braveria.

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