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Sat Feb 21 18:43:19 EST 2004

deborah wrote

>On Fri, 20 Feb 2004 minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
>|According to a Pagan friend of mine who resents *her* festivals having been
>|hijacked by Xtianity, there is Midwinter and Vernal Equinox, and then there
>|is Christmas and Easter, and then there is X-mas and Eggs-mas.
>Though to make this even moer off-topic than it already was, this
>provokes the following conversation, which reduces me to the sort of
>incoherent rage that Ika apparently gets from JKR:

>Them: "But deborah, I'm not a Christian, and I celebrate this holiday!
>I just call it Xmas (Ed. note: remember where the "X" comes from)

I thought it meant "the unknown quantity", when it wasn't marking the spot.
:-)  Nowadays it probably has a connection in people's mind's with the
X-files rather than with the greek letter.

Incidentally, I used to have a friend who always claimed that what she was
refusing to celebrate on the day in question was Gladstone's Birthday.
This seemed to make her feel better about the whole sordid business.

>I can't possibly think of how to make this on-topic.  Except that, like
>Ika, the comparison of how Mr. Chesney provokes rage in Derk is

Call it whatever you will, I get the same sort of feeling (incoherent
spluttering wrath) about the compulsory nature of the whole Festive Season
thing (starting in about mid-September, as a rule, and building up to a
really fine head of steam after Guy Fawkes' Day); and then I get equally
angry when the company that has taken over what used to be the corner-shop
on our road compel their staff to come in to work on Christmas Day and
don't let them join all the other people in being compelled to stay at home
and eat too much and squabble with each other.  I am aware that this is not
reasonable of me, and that makes me even crosser.

I'm sure this particular festival encourages one to be unreasonable.  There
is statistical evidence to back up my feeling: according to the Law Society
in England, more divorces are triggered by Christmas than by any other
factor!  (Summer holidays come second.)

obDWJ, is there much Christmas in her work apart from Rupert Venables
spending it (offstage and in a sub-clause) with his mother in *Deep


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