Rowling and religion in CL (was DWJ in Israeli newspaper)

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Sat Feb 21 17:46:55 EST 2004


>|Not pausing to quibble over the 'were once considered' to agree
>|instead with Ros's point that there should be a variety of religions
>|represented in the Potterverse, even if one is to forgive Rowling the
>|other.  I mean, come on, if schools in *Dublin* are now aware that
>|they need to give some kids homework off on the last day of Ramadan,
>|it shouldn't be beyond Rowling to bring this awareness of different
>|religious backgrounds into her books.
>A more universal secularism, perhaps?  My completely irreligious nephew
>(the child of an irreligious Jew and an irreligious Catholic) was in the
>Diwali concert at his Birmingham school as well as the Christmas
>pageant, when he was much younger.  They didn't learn any religion, but
>plenty of songs and concert bits.

Yeah, a more universal *anything* would probably have been better.  I 
just think that as she's presented Hogwarts as the only wizarding 
school in the UK, it's a bit sickening that there's no hint that all 
the kids there wouldn't be Christian, irreligious but Christian-ish, 
or so neutral that they don't care, with none being Jewish, Muslim, 
pagan or anti-religious and d*mned if they'll be singing Christian 
hymns.   With the last perhaps not the best choice of phrase. :)


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