far too many thoughts on why DWJ is better than JKR, was Re: DWJ inIsraeli newspaper

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
Sat Feb 21 16:13:35 EST 2004

Sorry if someone else already responded. On a different messageboard I post
to, they've developed an acronym that translates roughly: "not having read
any of the esteemed earlier responses":

Minnow wrote:
Ooh, and levels of meaning in names reminds me: does "Knock Turn Alley"
only appear at night?  And is "Diagon Alley" at some strange angle to
reality?  Because if not, that's a dreadful waste of a perfectly good play
on words in each case.

Not as straightforward as that, but I'd argue that yes, Diagon Alley IS at a
strange angle to reality, as is the entire wizarding world, if only
metaphorically; and Knockturn Alley is the place for dark doings, so in a
sense it's always dark...

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