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> Jon wrote:
> >
> > > As an aside harking back to the fruit thread of
> a
> > > couple of weeks ago. I have just been loaned a
> copy of
> > > a book I've been looking for for 30 years, Jack
> > > Vance's "Man in a Cage" (a teacher at school
> a.lso
> > > collects Vance) and was very amused to see the
> > > inhabitants of Tangiers called Tangerines.
> >
> My husband also collects Vance and I forwarded this
> to him. He says - he's 
> never run across this title.  I wonder if you could
> share a little about it 
> after you've read it?  Where does it fall on the
> continuum of Vance ideas, 
> for example?   I think you've given him a Goal. He
> looked pretty amazed.

It is one of four (or five) detective stories he wrote
as John Holbrook Vance in the 1960s. This was the
first, dated 1961 in the Mayflower version I read,
with no earlier ed listed but there must have been an
earlier US ed. as it says Edgar Award winner on the
cover. This one is a stand alone set in Morocco
involving gun running and heroin smuggling - very
good, although I can't avoid imagining it filmed with
Humphrey Bogart in the lead. The other detective
novels that I know of are The Deadly Isles, The
Pleasant Grove Murders and the Fox Valley Murders. The
last two feature the same detective. He also wrote one
or two detecive novels as Ellery Queen, but I'd have
to check up to see which. I'm a great Vance fan and
have most of his fantasy and SF apart from a couple of
the more recent titles which I haven't found second
hand yet.


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