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>> Helen:
>> I know some Christians (usually Episcopalians or Catholics) who make a big
>> deal at home about Advent, which is something the stores have never gotten
>> hold of, and which is the proper name for the pre-Christmas season anyway
>> (it is a penetential season by the way, just as Lent is).
>> Me:
>> That surprises me. Aren't shops in the US filled with Advent calendars and
>> candles? They certainly are here in the US - usually with Action Men/Disney
>> Princesses on the front and chocolate reindeer behind the windows, though I
>> remember a lovely one from about 1974 with Old Testament - scenes and little
>> verses from Scripture.
>Oh, you *can* get Advent calendars here, but you have to look around a bit.

Yes, they are very hard to find here.  A favorite craft for people with
children is making your own Advent "calendar"--usually not a calendar per
se, more like a paper chain with 25 links that you add to (or take away
from) each day.  My mother made a beautiful one when I was very young, with
a Christmas tree and presents/decorations to add each day.  Oh, and that
reminds me that Playmobil has two or three Advent calendars, with a little
toy instead of chocolate.  I love Playmobil.  It's all so cute and detailed.

Can anyone else tell that I'm procrastinating the day of my housecleaning?

Melissa Proffitt

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