Rowling and religion in CL (was DWJ in Israeli newspaper)

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at
Sat Feb 21 14:38:27 EST 2004

On Fri, 20 Feb 2004 11:08:17 +0000, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:

>Major rant alert (directed in no way towards Charlie's statement, 
>which is perfectly reasonable!):
>Just ran away in a rage from a post on another forum which said that 
>US writers have it *all over* OZ and UK writers in YA lit.  The 
>writer did admit that it wasn't all OZ and UK kid lit (the 
>abreviations were his/hers), just the majority, and that young 
>readers in his/her shop walk right by the imports because they don't 
>want to read books that are dumbed down to be aimed at them!  DWJ - 
>dumbing down?  Joan Aiken?  Susan Cooper and Alan Garner (though the 
>former is of somewhat dubious nationality, I admit) and oh -  I'll 
>stop sputtering now.  Probably this person is insular enough for me 
>to get away with including Margaret Mahy as an 'Oz writer' who helps 
>disprove the theory!  (Apologies to our New Zealand members - I know 
>better, really!)

Uh, what?  Where did this person get THAT idea?!?  Most people realize that
non-US young adult literature is going to be MORE challenging!  Not to
mention that "OZ and UK" writers will go into far more detail about sex and
other taboo subjects than a US writer does (or is allowed to? don't know how
much publishing pressure comes into it).  Why does that shop owner even
bother carrying said books if nobody wants to read them?  And--ooh, this
ticks me off more--if he's the shop owner then he's an idiot not to do
whatever he can to change that impression, unless he likes not making as
much of a profit as he can.

Geez, I'd be raging too.  Hope you found a good paper bag.

Melissa Proffitt

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