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> Helen:
> I know some Christians (usually Episcopalians or Catholics) who make a big
> deal at home about Advent, which is something the stores have never gotten
> hold of, and which is the proper name for the pre-Christmas season anyway
> (it is a penetential season by the way, just as Lent is).
> Me:
> That surprises me. Aren't shops in the US filled with Advent calendars and
> candles? They certainly are here in the US - usually with Action Men/Disney
> Princesses on the front and chocolate reindeer behind the windows, though I
> remember a lovely one from about 1974 with Old Testament - scenes and little
> verses from Scripture.

Oh, you *can* get Advent calendars here, but you have to look around a bit. 
And that's basically the extent of marketing -- you don't get advertisements 
saying Get Advent candy! Get Advent presents! etc.

Our church used to have kids make Advent wreaths, where each Sunday (of the 
four Sundays before Christmas) you lit one or more candles and had certain 
readings and prayers before dinner, a little bit like Hanukkah, only more drawn 
out and not associated with presents.

Helen Schinske
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