Man in a Cage (Was Re: McKinley)

mecha godscylla mechagodscylla at
Fri Feb 20 21:40:48 EST 2004

Jon wrote:
> > As an aside harking back to the fruit thread of a
> > couple of weeks ago. I have just been loaned a copy of
> > a book I've been looking for for 30 years, Jack
> > Vance's "Man in a Cage" (a teacher at school a.lso
> > collects Vance) and was very amused to see the
> > inhabitants of Tangiers called Tangerines.

My husband also collects Vance and I forwarded this to him. He says - he's 
never run across this title.  I wonder if you could share a little about it 
after you've read it?  Where does it fall on the continuum of Vance ideas, 
for example?   I think you've given him a Goal. He looked pretty amazed.



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