Moz as Oracle

Ika blake at
Fri Feb 20 17:54:50 EST 2004


>>> > > OK, who is this Moz?
>>> > Sorry. Morrissey, once lead singer of the Smiths, known as "Moz"
>>> OK... now I know. Sometimes (grumbleumbleumble) I feel shockingly
>>> iggerant.
>>Well, you're better off than I am.  I have no clue who the Smiths are.
> <mode=expensive barrister>
> A popular beat combo, m'lud.
> </mode>

Exactly! Though, um, just so you don't think I'm down wiv da kidz or
anything... the Smiths split up in 1987. They were never that popular
outside the UK (although Morrissey as a solo artist currently has a
massive following among the Latino population of the USA).

Love, Ika (living with a 20-year pop-culture time lag since 1985 [or 1965,
depending on how you want to look at it])

PS: Elise said:

> Heh, I worked with a devoted Morrissey fan who always said that no matter
> what dilemma or question life brought, the answer was to be found
> somewhere
> in Morrissey's lyrics.

Which is, of course, true. Morrissey knows all things.

"There are some bad people on the rise" - Moz
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