Rowling and religion

Charles Butler hannibal at
Fri Feb 20 16:02:37 EST 2004

I know some Christians (usually Episcopalians or Catholics) who make a big
deal at home about Advent, which is something the stores have never gotten
hold of, and which is the proper name for the pre-Christmas season anyway
(it is a penetential season by the way, just as Lent is).

That surprises me. Aren't shops in the US filled with Advent calendars and
candles? They certainly are here in the US - usually with Action Men/Disney
Princesses on the front and chocolate reindeer behind the windows, though I
remember a lovely one from about 1974 with Old Testament - scenes and little
verses from Scripture.

My own wish is that the whole non-religious-Christmas hoohah could just get
transferred over to New Year's, which is already a nice secular holiday at
the right time of the year, and was formerly the gift-giving time in lots of
cultures anyway.

In the millenium year a lot of advent calendars decided (as a one-off,
presumably) to have a countdown not just to Christmas Eve but all the way to
1/1/2000. Ever since then, it seems to be standard practice, at least with
the more commercial advent calendars - I suppose no one can afford to be the
first to backtrack from 31 or 32 chocolates back to a mere 24. Whether they
continue to call them 'Advent' calendars I'm not sure.


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