OT: tracing publication history of children's record

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 20 15:08:13 EST 2004

I was in Australia in the early 1960s (and New Zealand
in the late 1950s but that is too early). I have a
distinct recollection of hearing the record, almost
certainly at school, but possibly at home. I can
almost hear the words to the "I like pancakes" song.
1961 seems about the right year, I doubt if would have
been any later than 1962, but it may have been 1960
(which I think puts your record out of the picture).
If it was at home that I heard it, it would have been
on a borrowed record as I'm fairly certain that we
never actually had it (we did have lots of story
records - usually with a background of classical
music) but I'll ask my mother and sister when I see
them for their memories - they should be visiting next
weekend. You never know, we may have owned the record
and still have it (but I doubt it). If you like I can
ask on the Australian school librarians list - most of
its members seem to be about my age but it seems to be
having problems at the moment.


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> > I suspect I may have heard this recording, I know
> > Little Black Sambo was played to us in school in
> the
> > early 1960s. Were my father alive he could have
> > probably recalled the details as he was a teacher
> at
> > the time.
> > 
> Remind me again where you are, Jon? Or rather where
> you were in the 1960s? I 
> am afraid I can't always keep track of which country
> people are in/from. 
> Elizabeth Evans I'm assuming is a New Zealander from
> her current email address, is 
> that right, Elizabeth?
> Helen Schinske

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