Rowling and religion in CL

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Fri Feb 20 14:12:32 EST 2004

>Again, it's pretty oblique in Witch Week - which personally is how I like
>it, as I tend to find most attempts in fantasy books to come up with a
>"true explanation" underlying all forms of religious and magical
>expression, deeply unsatisfying - but I was thinking about this today, and
>of course Teddy Crossley is called so because of "Gladly my cross I'd
>bear": so the school seems to be "Christian" - at least in the same way,
>presumably, as English schools are in our/Janet's world. Though you're
>right that there isn't a great deal of religious anti-witch rhetoric - I
>think the Inquisitor might say something about "devils", but that's about

I think there's a clear conflation of religion and politics in Witch Week. 
Christianity, or official religion, in the book has become more a matter of 
law than of belief, or at least that's how it feels to me. I guess because 
I know a bit about how persecution of witches was a religious matter.

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