Rowling and religion in CL (was DWJ in Israeli newspaper)

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> In Witch Week, I don't think any reference is made to religion- 
> witches are supposed to be evil, but I don't think "servants of the 
> devil" comes into it- although that must have been the idea 
> originally, since the split in the worlds was in 1605, at which point 
> King James was frothing at the mouth about witches.

Yes, he was.  But, as Charles Williams points out in _Witchcraft_, 
although he believed
in witchcraft, he never believed that any individual case he was 
presented with _was_
witchcraft.  Deluded old women, yes.  Despised old women, yes.  
Witches, no.

[The Spanish Inquisition, whatever its other faults, had a good record 
  witchcraft, too.  It was Protestant Northern Europe that did most of 
  burning, etc.]

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Oooooh.  This is one of my _favorites_.  I have a button that says this.

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