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> I've found it useful to distinguish "Christmas" (Christian festival)
> from "Xmas" (Mammonist festival); is there a similar distinction
> possible for the two varieties of Easter celebration?

But X for Christ is a standard Christian abbreviation (the X being the Greek 
letter chi). I've seen lots of letters by clerical types signed Yours in X, or 
Yours in Xt, casual use of Xtianity as quicker to write, etc. I think the 
stores started saying Xmas just because it was handier to fit in displays and 
headlines, not specifically to be non-religious.

I know some Christians (usually Episcopalians or Catholics) who make a big 
deal at home about Advent, which is something the stores have never gotten hold 
of, and which is the proper name for the pre-Christmas season anyway (it is a 
penetential season by the way, just as Lent is).

My own wish is that the whole non-religious-Christmas hoohah could just get 
transferred over to New Year's, which is already a nice secular holiday at the 
right time of the year, and was formerly the gift-giving time in lots of 
cultures anyway. 

I don't know what to do about Easter, but fortunately it's a bit more limited 
in scope anyway (people don't usually INSIST on giving everyone they know 
chocolate bunnies), whereas Christmas keeps expanding and expanding.

Helen Schinske
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