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> Well, maybe not me, personally. Again, I make the point that a lot of 
> literary fiction does much more impenetrable things with descriptive prose. 
> I don't see McKinley being a worse writer than any of those literary first 
> novellists who get reviewed in the NY Times. In fact, she's much better 
> than some of them. I was making a point about writing in a genre and the 
> kind of expectations that creates. I think Patricia McKillip gets similar 
> criticism.
> Robyn

I find Patricia McKillip's work completely impenetrable, myself. Not sure 
why. For that reason I wouldn't dare criticize her prose, simply because I never 
got far enough to see what she was actually trying to accomplish with it. 
(There are, of course, writers whose work I'll dismiss after reading a few 
scattered sentences, because they're obviously terrible, but she's not in that 

Helen Schinske
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