Awful Boyfriends (was introduction etc)

Ika blake at
Fri Feb 20 12:23:42 EST 2004

[Health warning to Minnow: the phrase "being Awful" recurs in this email...]

Hallie wrote:

> With her usual impeccable timing, Becca (my 17 y.o. daughter, Ika,
> who used to post here from time to time, and may again) came out with
> a very relevant remark.  I got bumped off the computer earlier, and
> she discovered something quite disturbing about a friend.  A little
> bit after she'd told me, it occurred to me that this threw new
> wrinkles onto a plan which I'd already thought fairly horrendous.
> When I mentioned this to her, she moaned 'Oh, please don't, I'm
> *repressing*!'  :)

:) indeed - though actually the only Awful Boyfriend I ever had was...
Hmm. I was thinking about this while I was walking round town today, and
I'm not sure he was a DWJ type *at all* (which should have been enough to
warn me off): but if anything, he was probably Laurel, in the scene where
she uses cheap emotion and cliche to get Polly to agree to give up Tom

Hey, and it's nice to see someone else who loved How To Write Really
Badly, too!

And Rowena wrote:

> I think the supreme example of Awful Boyfriend is from the Time of the
> Ghost (Julian? My brain's gone now).

Ohhh, yes. He's a masterpiece.

> We don't see all that much of him, so
> he's not as fleshed out as Seb, but his actions are pivotal to the whole
> book (Not least because he causes the accident!)
> Seb does at least have reasons for being Awful*, and Polly does
> acknowledge 'he was always on her side in a way'

Yes, I've always had a sort of soft spot for Seb: he's an interesting
revision of Julian, the way Roddy-Grundo is an interesting revision of

Love, Ika

"There are some bad people on the rise" - Moz
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