OT: request for New England types to interview

deborah deborah at suberic.net
Fri Feb 20 12:08:38 EST 2004

I asked the moderator if I could make this off-topic post, and she said
"Deborah, why are you talking to yourself?  Do you know that makes you
look insane?"  So I'm going to make it, and hope she doesn't get mad at

For a project for my Oral History class in school, I'd like to interview
some people who have been part of science fiction or fantasy fandom in
some way or another.  In fandom I'm including convention attendance,
reading and writing zines, participation in Internet communities (that's
us!), reading and writing fanfiction, writing and listening to filk, and
probably other things I can't think of.  My limitation is that I need to
interview people in person.

If you or someone you know lives around Greater Boston, and might be
interested, I'd be happy to send you more information.  I would love to
have some people from this list in the project!

And now back to your regularly scheduled on-topic posts about food,
religion, and punctuation.  Er, I meant about Diana Wynne Jones.

"I don't want to know what the structuralists think!  I want to
know what you think!"  -- Archer's Goon, Diana Wynne Jones

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