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<< I was noticing something else annoying about HP last night:  they have 
glamorous celebrations of Christmas without any religious basis.  They also have 
Easter Holidays.  But do they have religion?  Not by anything I've seen.  
<snarf>  And there should, based on the surnames, be a variety of religions 
represented in the student body anyway. >>

One of my essays over on the Red Hen site is entitled "Wizards and Religion". 
>From what Rowling has had to say of the wizarding world, they only split off 
from the mundane world at the end of the 17th century. Which means that they 
have lived among Muggles for most of human history, and it stands to reason 
that over a number of periods, their continued survival had depended upon their 
ability to blend in. Most wizards would have certainly have had a tradition of 
observing the public forms of whatever religion was predominant in their 

I suspect that just about every human religion is alive and well inside the 
ww, *as well as* a highly secularized worldview which has been adopted by the 
British Ministry of Magic. 

But, of course, coming out and *saying* so is far too controversial a stance 
for any writer whose work is marketed to children to actually do, so Rowling 

In fact, the issue which Rowling ends up dodging is one that I doubt has even 
occured to her, and that is; what kind of shifts in doctrine would be likely 
to have taken place over 300 years of isolation within a congregation which is 
routinely able to perform miracles themselves?
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