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|Roger wondered:
|>I've found it useful to distinguish "Christmas" (Christian festival)
|>from "Xmas" (Mammonist festival); is there a similar distinction
|>possible for the two varieties of Easter celebration?
|According to a Pagan friend of mine who resents *her* festivals having been
|hijacked by Xtianity, there is Midwinter and Vernal Equinox, and then there
|is Christmas and Easter, and then there is X-mas and Eggs-mas.

Though to make this even moer off-topic than it already was, this
provokes the following conversation, which reduces me to the sort of
incoherent rage that Ika apparently gets from JKR:

Them: "But deborah, I'm not a Christian, and I celebrate this holiday!
I just call it Xmas (Ed. note: remember where the "X" comes from) /
Santamas / Solstice Plus / Winter Holiday!  With a tree and gifts and
Santa!  So you should celebrate it, too, because it's not Christian!
Just ask the Christians."

Me: "Yes, I know the holiday you celebrate isn't Christian and neither
are you, but you're descended from people who were Christians, so you're
comfortable with the implicit Christianity in the holiday.  I'm Jewish,
so I'm not."

Them: "But you're not religious."

Me: "I know, but the holiday is still too Christian for me, and it's not
my holiday, and I don't want to celebrate it."

Them: "Are you accusing me if celebrator Christian holiday?  Because I'm
not a Christian."

Me: // descent into incoherent rage //

I can't possibly think of how to make this on-topic.  Except that, like
Ika, the comparison of how Mr. Chesney provokes rage in Derk is

I never metadiscourse I didn't like.

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