far too many thoughts on why DWJ is better than JKR, was Re: DWJ inIsraeli newspaper

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Feb 20 10:23:59 EST 2004

Ika replied:

>Me, then Minnow:
>>>Rowling's books, which make me angry.)
>> I'm interested: why "angry"?  Bored I have met, and uninterested and
>> disinterested, and unable to see what the fuss is about, but angry seems
>> very strong.
><g> Actually, "angry" was already toning it down; I have a tendency to be
>reduced to a state of incoherent rage by Rowling. I feel about her like
>Derk feels about Mr Cheney*, and for much the same reasons. I'll try and
>articulate this a bit better when I've thought about it some more.

OK, I'll contain my soul in patience!  :-)   It wasn't very urgent, just a
slight surprise that it was so strong an emotion about what sounds to me
like a fairly trivial matter.  (I mean, the books sound more and more
trivial the more I'm told about them, and I don't think they are actually
going to destroy the world from pure greed, are they?)

>*Eep! Spelling? (I knew a boy called Chesney-pronounced-Cheyney who
>changed the spelling to Cheyney when Chesney Hawkes became popular in the
>early 90s, and ever since then I've had a block on being able to spell any
>of the cognates of the name...)

Good gracious, and I hadn't thought of "Chesney" as being pronounced
"Chain-y".  Thank you.  Something that sums up the man's character
(undertones of the chain gang and enslaving the whole world) without
rubbing it in seems splendidly subtle and appropriate to me.

This is an example of pure serendipity, because the reason you can always
remember how to spell it from now on, in case you want to in a hurry
without the book, is that it is "Chesney" like "Disney".  And that *was*

Ooh, and levels of meaning in names reminds me: does "Knock Turn Alley"
only appear at night?  And is "Diagon Alley" at some strange angle to
reality?  Because if not, that's a dreadful waste of a perfectly good play
on words in each case.


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