Rowling and religion

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Fri Feb 20 08:32:38 EST 2004

Hallie, then Minnow on the religion in the Potterverse:

>>especially.  I don't know if it would improve things much were she to
>>throw vaguely Jewish and Muslin elements in with her vaguely
>>Christian ones, but the omission is certainly not great.
> God-of-your-choice help her if she got the vaguely Jewish or Muslin
> elements even slightly "wrong", though.  <snip> Safer and simpler
> to
> leave religion alone, in the circumstances.

It would  have been. It just adds to the overall incoherence of the magic
in the Potterverse, which has no particular cosmology of its own, to have
Christianity appearing to be the official religion of the wizarding school
(even though it appears as a sort of secular cultural tradition, which is
surely annoying to religious Christians, people of other religions, and
secular people alike, since it conflates Christianity with a particular
kind of 'English culture', which misrepresents both Christianity and

Love, Ika

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