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Kyla wrote:

>On Wed, 18 Feb 2004 minnow at wrote:
>> If I stop and think about it I realise that her husband John is a very
>> handsome man.  She says that he is also a centaur really, if that helps and
>> doesn't happen to be on the web site.
>Ooh, how did she determine that he's a centaur?

I have no idea; she's right, though.  He has that calmness about him
combined with a potential for some sort of huge, righteous wrath.  And he
is a teacher, of course, which centaurs are.  I mean a real one, as well as
doing it for a living.  He knows how to explain things so they are properly
clear, and it feels as though he's doing it from a sort of calm wise area
most people don't inhabit.  Which would in no way stop him from being able
to do either of the things below with equal conviction.  I think it may be
an Aspect that he puts on, or something.

>> I'm *certain* he could do a manic Sempintern-getting-ready-to-go-out if he
>> wanted, or a Quentin-being-stubborn).
>Bwa ha. I can see how the same person could do both those things.

Well, yes.  And be (ir)responsible for the Anything But Drawer too...

>> This is one of the reasons I never worry about "casting" actors in
>> hypothetical films of books, because for me it would be the way they held
>> their faces far more than the shape those faces were to start with that
>> made them right or wrong for the part, in most cases.  Though of course the
>> Goon, for instance, has to be large, apart from needing to be a head taller
>> than anyone else in the scene he could be played by any competent actor for
>> all of me.
>That makes rather a lot of sense. I think coloring is important in a lot
>of characters, but of course "inhabiting the character" is more important
>than looking like it.

A lot can be done with make-up for "colouring", I s'pose.

Somewhere I have come across the notion that most of the really great
actors (as opposed to film-stars whose face is their fortune) have what one
might call "nondescript" features when they aren't "being" a role: they get
looked at in the street in a sort of *puzzled* way, as if people felt they
ought to recognise them but don't quite, rather than being asked for their

Since I can't remember where I met that idea, though, I can't exactly vouch
for its accuracy!


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