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Fri Feb 20 08:07:41 EST 2004

Ika wrote:

>Lizzie summarized:
>> So yeah: I think that if you could go inside a Harry Potter book, a la The
>> Eyre
>> Affair, you'd find the off duty characters behaving in totally different
>> ways
>> than they do in the book.  I would not say the same of DWJ.

>Yes! When my girlfriend read Carol Oneir's One Hundredth Dream a year or
>two ago, she jumped up and down for ages squeaking "DWJ predicted Rowling!
>DWJ predicted Rowling!" - she, like me, has this same feeling of a reality
>to the universe which is sort of obscured by Rowling.

Not having read Rowling handicaps me in commenting on her characters'
reality or lack of it, but I am sure that if one met DWJ people outside
their book they would be themselves quite unmistakeably, though probably if
they found themselves "here-now" they'd make efforts to adjust to the
place-time they found themselves in.  Come to that, a fair few of them *do*
have to make efforts to fit into a new here-now, within the books, whilst
staying themselves, don't they?  It's practically a theme in her work, in
fact: *A Tale of Time City* and *The Homeward Bounders* and *The Merlin
Conspiracy* and *A Sudden Wild Magic* and *Witch Week* are extreme examples
of people finding themselves in a very different world from their usual one
at the end of the work, because the world they came from has been changed
out of recognition during the book, or no longer exists at all, but there
are other less drastic re-structurings that have to be coped with, as well
as being dumped into whole new worlds or set-ups.

>(But that might be, in my case, because my version of the Potterverse is
>much more influenced by the fanfic than by Rowling's books, which make me

I'm interested: why "angry"?  Bored I have met, and uninterested and
disinterested, and unable to see what the fuss is about, but angry seems
very strong.


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