Rowling and religion in CL (was DWJ in Israeli newspaper)

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Hallie wrote:

>It appears (and I'm working from second-hand information mostly, as I
>stopped at number four) that JKR is actively working to answer some
>of the criticisms about the Potterverse - one such being the relative
>poverty of racial diversity and richness in the earlier books
>especially.  I don't know if it would improve things much were she to
>throw vaguely Jewish and Muslin elements in with her vaguely
>Christian ones, but the omission is certainly not great.

God-of-your-choice help her if she got the vaguely Jewish or Muslin
elements even slightly "wrong", though.  Christianity in this country has
become so wearily accustomed to people getting it wrong (and assuming it
doesn't exist, too, Charlie: some kids *do* discuss religion other than in
compulsory classes at school, believe it or not, along with all the other
important issues of life, death, justice, honour and so forth) that she
would be unlikely to be in immediate trouble with the Christian
establishment[1] if she blew that; but if she got Judaism or Islam a-skew
there would be a risk of all sorts of unpleasantness.  Safer and simpler to
leave religion alone, in the circumstances.  It gets a lot of people very
het up indeed almost instantly.

[1] allowing that there is one.  I can hear a rumble behind me that is the
Church of England and Methodist and Quaker and Roman Catholic and Jesus
Army and United Reform Establishments beginning to mutter about all being
thought of as the same, to say nothing of the Latter-Day Saints and the
Exclusive Brethren and Opus Dei and even the Unification Church, which I
think is still nominally Christian even if Moon *did* decide that he is the
Messiah (though not God).


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