Rowling and religion in CL (was DWJ in Israeli newspaper)

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Fri Feb 20 06:08:17 EST 2004


>>  Not pausing to quibble over the 'were once considered'
>I only do it to annoy -

...because he knows it teases!  :)

>though I do think it's a fair representation of the
>attitude of the
>majority of English people.

Major rant alert (directed in no way towards Charlie's statement, 
which is perfectly reasonable!):

Just ran away in a rage from a post on another forum which said that 
US writers have it *all over* OZ and UK writers in YA lit.  The 
writer did admit that it wasn't all OZ and UK kid lit (the 
abreviations were his/hers), just the majority, and that young 
readers in his/her shop walk right by the imports because they don't 
want to read books that are dumbed down to be aimed at them!  DWJ - 
dumbing down?  Joan Aiken?  Susan Cooper and Alan Garner (though the 
former is of somewhat dubious nationality, I admit) and oh -  I'll 
stop sputtering now.  Probably this person is insular enough for me 
to get away with including Margaret Mahy as an 'Oz writer' who helps 
disprove the theory!  (Apologies to our New Zealand members - I know 
better, really!)

This came on the heels of another massive generalisation (different 
poster, same discussion) about what teens like to read - which Cara 
(my 13 y.o. daughter, for those who haven't heard me mention her 
before) summed up beautifully.  'That's the kind of remark people 
make because they think makes them sound all understanding and 
insightful, when really they don't get it at all.'

Sorry, all.  I'll go find a paper bag instead of venting here any more...


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