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Charles Butler hannibal at
Fri Feb 20 03:22:54 EST 2004

> lizzie
> They _do_ shelve To Kill A Mockingbird in the YA section, quite
frequently.  It
> annoyed me when I worked in a Barnes&Noble that more and more classics
> getting moved into YA and Children's--I guess because so many of them are
> in high school?

Isn't this a fundamental difference between bookshops and libraries,
though - which tend to get lumped together in discussions of this sort? It's
quite reasonable to expect libraries to shelve fiction age-appropriately
(sorry for that ugly adverb), just as we expect them to shelve non-fiction
subject-appropriately (darn - there's another one!).  But a bookshop's
purpose - and I don't think they're particularly coy about this - is to sell
as many books as possible. If they think they'll sell more by putting *To
Kill a Mockingbird* under YA I can't really see why they shouldn't. I loved
it as a young teen myself, along with Sherlock Holmes, and the 5th Armada
Book of Ghosts, and Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators, and
Wuthering Heights (and in those carefree days I wasn't too bothered about
which of them were children's books). What's the objection? Is it to do with
using up the limited children's shelfspace? Now *that* I'd have more
sympathy with.


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