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THANKS for that article, Devra! I've been wondering how to get a summing-up for ages now. It's not a replacement for the books, but it's definately a good informer and enlightener, and gives me even more incentive to brave the Other tolkien books. Thank your friend for me.
(There were a few points where I thought she might have been better off stating something as her own oppinion, but I'm used to writing - not wonderfully advanced - undergrad academic essays, and I hardly know what resources she had, so I can't really comment!)
I often wonder at how much Tolkien *consciously* allowed his faith and subsequent worldview/theology to influence his work. It's obvious he hated being accused of allegory or sermonising, but... oh, who knows?
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       My friend Sandra Miesel wrote an article on Tolkien's universe which I found very interesting and satisfying; she managed to summarize the entire vast history in 6 pages!

  Now I may have to go back and read all those supplementary books that I skipped.

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