Rowling and religion in CL (was DWJ in Israeli newspaper)

Charles Butler hannibal at
Fri Feb 20 03:10:44 EST 2004

> Ooh, actually, that made me remember that they go to church in Charmed
> Life, don't they? Though it seems to be more a social rather than a
> religious observation -

That seems a good analogy. From my slight-to-non-existent acquaintance with
Potter I'd have thought it's pretty much a social thing there too, isn't it?
Rowling may simply be copying the *mores* of England - which is (I seem to
remember reading recently) now apparently the least religious country in the
world -despite having all the trappings of a state religion, and a statutory
requirement to teach religion in schools. One possible test: does anyone
talk about, or even mention, religion outside the formal parameters of
school assembly (or wherever it is they do their communal praying)? If the
Potterverse is England in disguise, I doubt it; and I think that, growing up
in such a society, Rowling could be forgiven for missing the fact that
Christmas and Easter were once considered religious festivals as well as
being the names of school holidays. Personally I forgave CS Lewis for Father
Christmas's unscheduled appearance in Narnia years ago, and he had less


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