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Abe Gross argross at bigpond.net.au
Fri Feb 20 01:42:27 EST 2004

> I was noticing something else annoying about HP last night:  they have
> glamorous celebrations of Christmas without any religious basis.  They
> also have Easter Holidays.  But do they have religion?  Not by anything
> I've seen.  <snarf>  And there should, based on the surnames, be a
> variety of religions represented in the student body anyway.
> She should have tried celebrations for the Witches' Sabbats or
> something ....

And if there are different cultures/religions among wizards--there are the
Germans and French in the _Goblet of Fire_, and I think some Indian
students, no?--it stands to reason that there might be Hindu, Muslim, Sikh
and Jewish wizards, surely...in fact, there should be just about every kind
as there are people, even just in Britain, where the books are set.


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