Rowling and religion in CL (was DWJ in Israeli newspaper)

Ika blake at
Thu Feb 19 19:04:11 EST 2004

Otter Perry pointed out

> I was noticing something else annoying about HP last night:  they have
> glamorous celebrations of Christmas without any religious basis.
> also have Easter Holidays.  But do they have religion?  Not by anything
> I've seen.  <snarf>  And there should, based on the surnames, be a
> variety of religions represented in the student body anyway.

Yes! This is one of the things that makes me cross - they actually go so
far as to sing hymns and Christmas carols (so there is a positive
religious element to the celebrations beyond the use of the Christian
names for winter and spring festivals), which makes *absolutely no sense*.

Ooh, actually, that made me remember that they go to church in Charmed
Life, don't they? Though it seems to be more a social rather than a
religious observation - and of course Chrestomanci is aware of other gods
(if giving them flu doesn't count as proof of their existence I don't know
what does). I suppose if that world split off from ours after Agincourt it
wouldn't make sense for England not to be Christian, but I've always
wondered quite how the religion and the magic co-exist there. Hmm. And
they overlap in Magicians of Caprona, of course.

Love, Ika

"There are some bad people on the rise" - Moz
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